1. Mock Surveys

  2. QIS Readiness

  3. Quality Assurance

  4. Survey Oversight & Supervision

  5. Plan of Correction Development & Support

  6. Directed in-Services

  7. Staff Development and Competency Evaluation

  8. Track and Trend Unplanned Hospital Discharges

  9. Root Cause Analysis

  10. Career Path Development

  11. Retention Plans

  12. Policy, Procedure & System Development

  13. Clinical Platform Development & Implementation

  14. New Acquisition Transition

  15. Software Selection

  16. Establish Interdisciplinary Approach to Resident Care

  17. Corporate Compliance

  18. MDS Compliance & Accuracy

  19. Maximize RUGs

  20. Restorative Nursing Programs

  21. Implementation of Triple Check

  22. Reduce Medicare/Medicaid Audit Triggers

  23. Minimize Exposure to Fraud and Abuse Allegations

  24. New DON Mentoring

  25. New Administrator Mentoring

  26. New MDS Coordinator Mentoring

  27. Interdisciplinary Team Building

  28. Expert Witness

  29. Nationwide seminars designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your facility,  corporation or organization.

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I really appreciate all your and Paul’s time and expertise.  We have been cleared of our deficiencies and are putting new systems in place for the MDS.

You have been a great help!



Dennis Dolgener, LNFA 

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